erstellt am 12. September 2016 in multicopter | kommentieren

Do you know the moment, when you want to fix a broken wire connection, and you see that it’s worse than initially thought? Well, I had such an experience a few weeks ago, as I recognized that my G10 frame has a partially broken bottom plate. It was more like a crack along the plate, not a real broken arm or something more common. The crack is shown in the picture below.


In a word, I decided to get a new frame and ordered the Lumenier 250 QAV Carbon Fiber Edition, which has less wheight and a slightly different structure of the bottom plate as seen in the pictures below.

It’s a pretty solid and rigid frame, giving me the pleasure to fly the QAV without any vibrations so far. Since it’s a fully carbon fiber structure, I wanted to ensure there are no solder joints shortening the circuit. Having a broken wire touching the CF frame would possibly burn the flight controller or other electrical parts, so I covered the solder joints and potential vulnerable parts with liquid tape.