erstellt am 29. November 2016 in multicopter, photography | kommentieren

After building and setting up several multicopters, I decided to step into the next level, which could be considered as aerial video and photo platforms. First, I had the idea of building my own TBS Discovery Pro, but I at this point, I had to bring up as much as a new high quality DJI Phantom copter only for the parts to assemble, so I thought it could be nice to check out what DJI has produced so far and I went for the Phantom 3 Advanced, almost 2 months before the Phantom 4 has been released. The Advanced relies on the Lightbridge technology to transport the live feed video feed and offers a 2.7k video recording. Which is not 4k of course, but fine for me, since I’m just new into this kind of activity and would consider myself rather a casual photographer.

So, in my eyes, it was the best decision to go for it and not the latest model. And it is indeed a whole new experience, compared to the smaller FPV racers. First thing I recognized is, that it is amazingly stable up in the air, even with 36 kph of wind coming from one direction, which is super convenient in case of doing some nice timelapse shots or cloud spotting. The copter holds is position exactly down to 1cm and is not only compatible with GPS but also with GLONASS. So the challenge is not to fly, but to take good atmospheric shots with it, make smooth and sensitive pans to catch some aesthetically pleasing material in the sky.

Meanwhile, DJI has not only announced the Phantom 4 and Inspire 2 which are even more professional and advanced aerial photography platforms, but also a smaller brother called the DJI Mavic Pro. The Mavic Pro is a foldable quad that fits in your jacket and has almost all the qualities a Phantom 3 brings in. I’m looking forward testing the Mavic Pro soon, but before I will get into that lucky situation, to travel around with my copter in the backpack, I just need to finish one more or less advanced paper. Anyway, here are some stills (mostly exported from the video material I’ve taken, unfortunately I did not take too much photos, which would be much better material for the post production).