Vimeo: The Trained Particles Circus_Excerpt by patxi araujo

Doing creative stuff with numbers is something that is fascinating me for a long time now and recently I had a very interesting conversation with some very creative and tech-enthusiastic people who introduced vvvv – a multipurpose toolkit to me.

The Trained Particles Circus by patxi araujo is just one of the featured projects and functions as a great example of what is possible when combining creative thoughts with visualizing skills. Though, it is just a demo, it is exceptional.

Description of the video

The Trained Particles Circus is a research on aesthetic drifts and links between different realities coming from the image, sound and movement of a software entity whose existence occurs in an improbable circus territory. From its objectivity and its audiovisual narrative, it aims to be the catalyst for a reflection that poetically intertwines facts, speculations and materials from the scientific vanguard of the early twentieth century with discourses of artistic creation of the image and synthetic sounds, the creation of interfaces, the spectacle, the artificial life and the experimental video.

Patxi Araujo (Spain, 1967). Is an artist and researcher. Professor at the Faculty of Arts at the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU. Experienced in the field of fine arts, he performs works as an exercise in aesthetic criticism and creation around the concept of the human through bodies, perceptions and metaphors from programming environments, robotics, artificial life and simulation.

Check out his vimeo profile or personal website for more insights.